Review and approval is by a committee of 5 (faculty, students and administrators.).

Applications are reviewed based on: strength of campaign; potential for meeting goal; and fit with Sponsor Etown (see below). The highest scoring campaigns will be selected to fill open spots in each campaign cycle. Applications not selected could be considered for the next campaign cycle.


Strength of Campaign

Project Need – Has the campaign manager made a compelling case for why this research or program is important?

Definition of Goals – Is this a focused and well-defined project that concretely promises donors something the manager will be able to deliver? If it is an ongoing project, are steps rather than final results clearly defined?

Use of Funds – Is it clear how these funds will move this project to the next step? Are funds tied to specific goals rather than general operating expenses?

Time to ROI – Will the campaign manager be able to report results back to sponsors within a reasonable time period?


Potential for Meeting Goal

Level of Championship – What is the interest level and commitment of the campaign manager? Have other College/ organization champions been identified to participate in outreach?

Current Network/Initial Audience – How many first funders have been defined who are ready to back this project? Has an initial ideal audience been identified and is there a plan to reach them?

Social Media – Is the campaign manager an active user of social media channels? Is there a plan to contact local press, bloggers, local communities?

Fundraising Goal Confidence Level – How likely is it that the fundraising goal will be reached given the network and audience, the level of social media and other outreach, and the timeline for the campaign?


Fit with Sponsor Etown

Fit with Elizabethtown's Mission and Strategic Goals – How strong is the fit of this campaign with Elizabethtown’s mission and strategic areas of interest?

Level of Student Involvement – Are Elizabethtown students involved in the project in a meaningful way that promotes student learning and growth?