Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes. You will receive a gift receipt from Elizabethtown College for your entire tax deductible support.

How much of my donation goes to the project?
All of your sponsorship, minus 2.5% and 30¢ for credit card fees, will go directly to your selected project. No portion of your donation will be used to fund other projects at Elizabethtown College or on Sponsor Etown.

What if the project doesn't meet its goal?
If the project does not meet its funding goals, the project team leaders are asked to develop new milestones appropriate to the level of funding received to move the project forward. Sponsor Etown projects are administered by the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs, which provides oversight.

How can I get my project on the Sponsor Etown platform?
Only a limited number of projects can be supported on the Sponsor Etown platform at present but we encourage submissions and will respond to each one.  Use the “Start a Project” tab to submit your idea. Make sure you submit all the required information.

I'm interested in giving more. How can I make a major gift?
The Ways to Give page on the Elizabethtown College website lists various ways you can help support Elizabethtown College.